It all started from the love of listening to different genres of music and having my home studio built in 2007. Having it rented out for rehearsing bands. My goal is to process, mix, and create my music, and yes! So I did. However, I didn't have the proper education and a Sensei who would teach me the art of mixing and recording music, my mixes can't compete with the same loudness like in the commercial CD ones, and every time I play it in the car, it falls apart, like there's a freaking blanket covering the speakers. I was frustrated and lost, not having a solution. So I watched video tutorials, ordered mixing and processing books online, scoured the internet for forums, and still haven't  found  the  answers to  my questions.

Fast-forward to the pandemic COVID year 2020. I got a chance to face my loudness and blanket issues again, and I read that -14 LUFS is the level of loudness that they require for streaming, even so, I am not really into that. Still, I want to achieve loudness, as close as to the commercial ones. Moving on, working on my tracks, I've noticed that there are changes in loudness, it sounded louder from the previous sound that I was hearing. I turned into the master bus and saw a plugin that I did not insert, possibly the cause of dragging plugins to other tracks I was not aware of, I could have accidentally inserted it, but the increase in volume and less harshness in the sound is significant. To confirm what I've noticed, I've inserted a plugin meter for loudness. The results ranged from -8 to -6 LUFS. I can still push it to -3 to -4 LUFS, but it would contribute to more unwanted noises. My previous mixes are ranging from -12 to -10 LUFS with a Limiter including severe harshness and heavy compression. 

Now I look forward to my future mixes, feeling confident that they would be better from the previous ones. I can now focus on being creative, adding depth, space, and honing my skills in cleaning harsh frequencies. 


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